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CSA Facility Improvements - Putting Campaign Contributions to Work

As of today, thanks to membership donations, we have raised over $100,000 to help with our capital improvements.  This money has helped progress our facilities to where they are today.  Money raised has constructed the new restrooms at Red Ventures, shelters at the OrthoCarolina Sportsplex and the irrigation systems installed at the main club sites.  


Our facilities are a priority for the club and in order for us to continue to improve them to the quality our players deserve, as a non-profit, we do need help. This new phase of the Kick In campaign will allow us to continue to provide an environment for the players to enhance their development with quality playing surfaces and help fund new structures to protect the teams in the event of inclement weather.


Our Red Ventures Complex Improvement Project is highlighted below.

Red Ventures North Soccer Complex

A restroom building has been constructed at the site. Our current goal is to renovate the lights and look to re-seed and potentially sod the surfaces so Red Ventures becomes one of the top facilities in the area.

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